Classic White Wedding Dove Release
For centuries now the dove has been and continues to be a symbolic representation of lasting love,  as they stay together with their mates for life.

We release two snow white doves at an appropriate prearranged time , such as on church steps or at the reception or during an outdoor ceremony. You decide the perfect time for this unforgettable moment to take place and watch the doves go forth together into the future - mates for life.

Your wedding does not have to be all fairytale for the doves to "fit in". We can accommodate low key weddings too where our doves just make your day extra special,  an intimate moment for the bride and groom to demonstrate their love with the ultimate symbol of love, peace and fidelity. Things we all want from our marriage.


Weddings, Parties, Christenings and Funerals

Spectacular Flock Release 
A basket of snow white doves is opened by the person/s of honour (bride and groom or perhaps a bridesmaid or best man) and a flock of white doves fly high into the sky.

Brilliant gift idea from family or friends. Individually designed packages can be tailored to your requirements with prices starting from €100