At the end of a graveside service, there are few things more powerful than the release of white doves.

Solitary and Symbolic Dove Release single release of one dove. A loved one can release the dove and let it fly from their hands into the sky representing the spirit of the departed going forth on to the next journey. A single white Dove will evoke deep emotions in everyone present as it ascends heavenward.


Weddings, Parties, Christenings and Funerals

Flock Release

A number of doves are released making their journey onwards representing the deceased and other souls making their journey together.
Doves have been likened to "Angels" and can be released with that very symbolism in mind.

We understand that these services are often required in a hurry and with that in mind no call is too late.


Packages will be tailored to your requirements. Prices start from €60.

Holy Trinity Release

A single dove is released representing the spirit of the departed one and moments later three doves are released  representing the father, the son and the holy spirit they ascend and circle to join first dove and lovingly guide on the final journey home.